Tips for a Perfect Photo Day

Preparing a space for pictures is no small task. Just when you think it's done you are only about 75% there. Here's a list of things often overlooked but must be done to put a listing in the best light possible.

Feel free to download a copy of the prep list (below).

General Areas

  • Thoroughly clean whole house (clean countertops, clean windows, vacuum, mop)

  • De-clutter as much as possible, especially excessively furnished rooms – store excess in garage

  • Replace all light bulbs with matching bulbs (warm preferred)

  • Remove all personal items e.g. photos

  • Tidy / Hide all power leads / cables

  • Move garbage cans out of sight

  • Remove piles of mail, newspaper and magazines

  • Clean all windows inside and out

Kitchen / Dining Areas

  • Clean and put away all dishes / cutlery

  • Remove all small appliances

  • Clean all splash backs, range hoods and large appliances especially if stainless steel

  • Remove all detergents, dish clothes, dish rack, tea towels, drain plugs.

  • Ensure range hood lights are working

  • Remove all objects from fridge e.g. magnets, photos

  • Remove bins and pet bowls

  • Minimize bench top clutter e.g. salt and pepper, coffee, cereal boxes

  • Set the dining room table to make it look more inviting

Bathrooms / Powder Rooms

  • Remove all soaps, shampoo, face washers / bath mats, toys, scales, bins

  • Remove all tooth brushes, tooth paste, razors, hair dryers

  • Make sure glass and mirrors are spotless

  • Remove all non-matching towels

  • Remove toilet cleaning utensils.

  • Ensure toilet roll is not empty

  • Close all toilet lids

Pool / Spa Areas

  • Ensure pool is clean

  • Remove all pool cleaners and poles

  • Remove all pool toys

  • Open all outdoor umbrellas

  • Remove all trash cans

Living Areas / Recreational Rooms

  • Turn off TV and put remotes away

  • Remove all toys, fans, game consoles

  • Remove Exercise bikes / equipment

  • Arrange DVDs, games, books neatly on shelves

  • Turn off and clean ceiling fan


  • Make all beds. Solid color bed clothes photograph better than patterns.

  • De-clutter toys, books, games, tissue boxes.

  • Remove all personal items.

  • Ensure bedside lamps are working.

  • Remove posters / stickers from walls.

  • Clear away all clothes.

Outside Areas

  • Mow and rake the lawn and trim edges

  • Rake / sweep up leaves, sticks, papers

  • Remove all gardening equipment e.g. hoses, rakes, wheel barrows

  • Sweep or preferably pressure clean driveway and paved areas

  • Tidy garden e.g. weeds

  • Remove all cars / boats / bikes / trailers

  • Remove all toys

60 minutes before

  • Set the table (optional)

  • Place wine glasses and wine on outside table (optional)

  • Open all blinds

  • Turn on all lights

  • Turn off ceiling fans

  • Turn off TV

  • Put pets away

  • Put children away

  • Ensure vehicles can’t be seen (street in front of house should be clear of cars)

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